Acknowledge Your Team's Efforts with a Rewarding Company Outing at Fun Beach Event & Leisure Park

Your organization's dedicated employees tirelessly contribute to the success of your company day in and day out. It's time to show your appreciation and give back. Treat your entire team to a well-deserved company outing at Fun Beach Event & Leisure Park in Panheel. Nestled in the picturesque Midden-Limburg Maasplassen region, this waterfront destination offers the perfect setting to reward and celebrate your hardworking team.

Our favourite activities for a company outing


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Fun Adventure L

  • Het ultieme outdooruitje in Limburg
  • Kies zelf 4 leuke activiteiten
  • Spannend, sportief en hilarisch!

Fun Adventure XL

  • Het ultieme XL outdooruitje in Limburg
  • Kies zelf 5 leuke activiteiten
  • Spannend, sportief en hilarisch!

Fun Adventure XXL

  • Het ultieme XXL outdooruitje in Limburg
  • Kies zelf 6 leuke activiteiten
  • Spannend, sportief en hilarisch!

Teambuilding Challenge

  • De ultieme teambuilding activiteit!
  • Samenwerking en plezier staan centraal
  • Boordevol ludieke en spannende games

Soccer Games

  • Test jouw balkunsten!
  • Vier bijzondere voetbalspellen
  • Ben jij de nieuwe Messi of Martens?

Gel Battle

  • Combi tussen Lasershooting en Paintball
  • Geen vlekken én geen blauwe plekken
  • De nieuwste rage uit Amerika

Archery Tag

  • Schakel je tegenstanders uit!
  • Een unieke schietgame voor groepen
  • Welk team schiet het meeste raak?

Shooting Battle

  • Een spannende schietcompetitie
  • Bijlwerpen, handboogschieten, archery tag en Gel Battle
  • Zet je vizier op scherp!

Battle & the Brains

  • Daag elkaar uit voor een battle!
  • Kennis, kunde en stressbeheersing
  • De ideale uitdaging voor groepen die graag de strijd met elkaar aangaan.

Bamboo Building

  • Bouw de ultieme bamboetoren
  • Bouwkundig inzicht meets teamwork
  • Samen sta je sterk!

Battle to the Top

  • Baan je een weg naar de top!
  • Daag je concurrenten uit voor een battle!
  • De perfecte activiteit om elkaar beter te leren kennen

Highland Games

  • Laat de Schot in je los!
  • Toon kracht, moed en teamwork
  • Speel stoere Schotse games!

Ik Hou van Holland Quizzz

  • Oerhollandse gezelligheid!
  • Een quizshow boordevol humor 
  • Zijn jullie de beste Hollanders?

Fun & Facts Quizzz

  • De allerleukste kennisquiz!
  • Inclusief leuke minigames
  • Ideaal voor personeelsfeest

Games & Brains Battle Quizzz

  • Leuke, afwisselende Battle Quiz!
  • Kennis, kunde en stressbeheersing
  • Ideaal voor groepen die strijd met elkaar aan willen gaan.

Jungle Drums

  • Teambuilding percussie
  • Sla je slag op een Afrikaans instrument
  • Je hebt het ritme in je!

Salsa Workshop

  • Let's do the salsa!
  • Een swingende salsa workshop
  • Begeleiding door professioneel danser

Giant Arcade Games

  • Het unieke indoor uitje in Limburg
  • 2,5 uur fun!
  • Levensgrote Arcade Games
  • vanaf oktober t/m maart te boeken


  • Eén van de oudste games van Nederland
  • Leg zo snel mogelijk het parcour af
  • Geen tijd voor gekloot dus!

Jackass Games

  • Welcome to Jackass!
  • Incasseren kun je leren
  • Ruige games voor rouwdouwers

En garde! Scherm workshop

  • Ben jij de nieuwe Zorro?
  • Een actieve schermworkshop
  • Klaar voor de strijd?

Street Art Workshop

  • Creëer je jouw eigen kunstwerk
  • Aan de slag met spuitbussen
  • Laat de rebel in je los!

Paint It Like Picasso

  • Ben jij de nieuwe Rembrandt?
  • Limburg's leukste schilderworkshop
  • Creëer een fantastisch kunstwerk!

Super Slide & The Beach

  • Spectaculaire reuze glijbaan
  • 4 soorten slides op 14 meter hoogte
  • Gehele dag toegang tot The Beach

Engaging Team Building: Sports, Playfulness, and Education Combined

The dedicated team at Fun Beach Group Events not only has a passion for their craft but also for ensuring your company outing is an unforgettable experience. We specialize in creating group outings that offer a completely different setting than what your employees are accustomed to. The possibilities are nearly limitless.

Imagine relaxing in the exclusive and inviting ambiance of Beachclub Degreez or one of our other beachfront catering venues. Indulge in a stylish beach party featuring trendy finger foods, a delectable tapas buffet, or a satisfying sandwich lunch. Enhance your staff outing at Fun Beach Event & Leisure Park by combining it with engaging team-building activities that cater to your specific preferences, whether they are sporty, playful, or educational.

With a multitude of opportunities for group activities and a diverse full-day program, we ensure a truly immersive experience for your team.

Enhance Team Dynamics with a Company Outing

With a company outing at Fun Beach Group Events, you seamlessly blend enjoyment with productivity. Our group activities not only foster collaboration among your employees but also significantly strengthen team spirit within your company. Additionally, these outings serve a crucial social purpose. By temporarily escaping the demands of the workday and immersing themselves in a new environment and atmosphere, your team members grow closer together. Stepping away from the formal workplace allows colleagues to connect in a whole new way, deepening their understanding of one another. Furthermore, a group outing serves as a powerful gesture of appreciation from employers towards their hardworking staff. Notably, following such a rewarding experience, employees return to work with heightened motivation and enthusiasm.

Maximize Tax Benefits with a Memorable Staff Outing

Organizing a company outing holds significant tax advantages that should not be overlooked. Under the Work-related Costs Regulation (WKR), company outings classified as team-building activities are exempt from taxation. It is crucial to ensure that the group activities contribute to enhancing knowledge and skills relevant to daily work and are conducted during working hours.

A Company Outing that Leaves a Lasting Impression

When you choose Fun Beach Group Events for your company outing, you can rest assured knowing the benefits are not only financial but also experiential. Our esteemed clientele, including WBL, Laurentius Hospital Roermond, DSM, Chemelot, and Rockwool, have all enjoyed the remarkable experiences we offer.

The 350 employees of Stad Beringen can attest to the value of a company outing at Fun Beach grounds. The Fun Beach Event & Leisure Park provided the perfect backdrop for an extraordinary and vibrant staff day. The event commenced with a warm welcome at Beachclub Degreez, accompanied by coffee and flan. The visitors from Belgium then embarked on an extensive circuit of creative and sports-based team-building activities set amidst the adjoining Fun Beach grounds.

Throughout the day, participants engaged in 16 different games, ranging from bamboo building to bungee run, and from live table football to archery, putting cooperation and team spirit to the test. A well-deserved beach barbecue awaited halfway through, reenergizing the participants for the second part of the game circuit. The grand finale involved merging the bamboo cubes built earlier into a single impressive structure. The lively nature of the staff day allowed employees to foster deeper connections through play.

Following the event, the employees of Stad Beringen looked back on a tremendously successful outing, largely thanks to the inspiring and dynamic environment of Beachclub Degreez.

Customized Group Outings Designed Just for You in Limburg

At Fun Beach Group Events, we offer the flexibility to create your own tailor-made program through our website. It's simple: add your favorite group activities to the Fun Basket and then follow the steps to request a quote. Once we receive your request, our dedicated team will promptly begin working on it and will be in touch with you within 24 hours.

If your desired group activity is not listed or if you'd like us to design a fully personalized program for your company outing, you're in luck! We are more than happy to accommodate your specific wishes. Your company outing's unique character and objectives take center stage during this process. We'll discuss in detail what you envision for your company outing in Limburg: the goals, the budget, and whether you prefer a purely relaxing experience or one that combines relaxation with educational elements. Additionally, we'll explore whether you lean towards sporty activities, playful games, or a delightful blend of both. Only once we have thoroughly examined the content and desired ambiance of your original company outing will we finalize the detailed program.