A clean beach is what we strive for. For the animals, the environment, the future but especially for you as a visitor. Our mission is to offer a relaxing beach day full of fun around a clean pond. Because a clean environment makes you look fresh. To achieve this, we will work together!

Did you know?

  • Fun Beach is a partner of Nederland Schoon
  • Fun Beach has been awarded the Blue Flag (European Eco-label) for more than 10 years
  • We hand out rubbish bags so there is no waste lying around
  • We take the caps off your bottle so that it is insured (with us/not on the ground) in the bin
  • We hand out disposable ashtrays for your cigarette butts
  • We have our waste separated externally
  • We have more than 50 bins on site where you can dispose of your waste
  • We have a non-smoking area at Little Beach
  • We will only become more sustainable in the coming years
  • We only use green energy
  • The company cars and golf carts are 100% electric
  • We do not use pesticides against insects

keep it clean, keep it fun!

One of the driving forces behind doing business in a socially responsible way as much as possible is youth.
Because we want to pass on a healthy earth to the next generation, our aim in the future is to ensure that Fun Beach continues to operate in a sustainable and climate-neutral way. By transparently communicating our sustainability measures, we want to inspire you as a visitor
inspire you as a visitor to also do your bit for a clean earth.