House rules

We want all guests to have a great day of Fun.
That is why we have a couple of house rules. If these are violated, a friendly but compelling warning follows first. If this does not help, unfortunately, immediate denial will follow, without a refund of the paid entrance fee.


Keep it tidy. Smoking is allowed, but do not leave cigarette butts in the sunbathing area.


You are not allowed to bring a sound/boombox. However, playing music on your phone is allowed.


Keep it tidy. Don't leave rubbish lying around, use the waste bags and bins.


Treat each other respectfully. Aggression, bullying, or racism will not be tolerated.


Be considerate of each other.
Avoid annoying behavior toward your fellow beachgoers.


A lot is allowed on Fun Beach, but not everything.(Party) tents, open fires, and/or barbecues are not allowed.


You don't want your kids to fall into broken glass.
Glassware is therefore not allowed.


Fellow beach-goers do not want to get a ball against their head. Playing football is therefore only allowed in the football boarding.


We try to be a good host. Therefore, always follow the instructions of the staff.


It is not nice to step in a dog's turd. Pets are therefore not allowed.

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ATTENTION: In terms of drug or weapons possession,
Fun Beach Event & Leisure Park follows a strict policy.

If a visitor is found to be in possession of a shisha pipe, laughing gas, drugs, or weapons,
immediate expulsion from the premises will follow, without warning and without refund of the entry fee paid.


You want to enjoy your family in peace and quiet. Music is therefore not allowed on Little Beach.

You want your kids to be able to play in healthy and fresh air. Smoking is therefore not allowed in Little Beach.