Mega fun


It is THE ultimate attraction at The Beach: a 2,000 m² island in the water, consisting of floating play equipment. A true Eldorado for everyone who loves to clamber, slide and jump. In addition, our Mega Aquapark is the largest aqua park in the Netherlands.

Entry to the aqua park is included in the admission price. You do need an admission ticket for this. More information can be found on this page.

Please note: admission to the Mega Aquapark is only possible if you have sufficient swimming skills and are at least 6 years old.

New: Junior aqua park!
For kids from 4 years to 1.50m

Yes a separate aqua park for the kids. Especially for our youngest Funbeachers, we have installed a Junior aqua park at Little Beach. An inflatable playground on the water to clamber, slide, and jump to your heart's content. The Junior Aquapark is the newest attraction at Fun Beach The Beach. The Aquapark offers plenty of fun for kids from 4 years old.

Entry to the Junior Aquapark is included in the entrance fee. You don't need to make a reservation for this aqua park, but you do need to pick up a life jacket at Little Beach. These life jackets are only meant for accessing the Junior Aquapark and do not grant access to the Mega Aquapark. Finished playing at the Junior Aquapark? Then immediately return your life jacket!

Please note that access to the Junior Aquapark is only possible for kids from 4 years old (up to 1 meter 50) who have sufficient swimming skills. Parents are not allowed at the Junior Aquapark.


How it works

No queuing at the aqua parks, there is a reservation kiosk

An entrance ticket/reservation is available at the reservation kiosk:

Reservation Kiosk Mega Aquapark: Beach House location

Through the reservation kiosk, you can obtain an access ticket for the Mega Aquapark.
You need to show this ticket at the entrance of the Mega Aquapark at the designated entry time you received from the reservation kiosk.
You don't need a reservation for the Junior Aquapark; you just need to put on a life jacket.


  1. Scan your valid ticket or subscription at the reservation kiosk near the Beach House.
  2. The kiosk will then print an access pass with the allocated time and a barcode. You cannot choose the time yourself. The kiosk will assign the next available time slot to you.
  3. Go to the entrance of the Mega Aquapark at the assigned time; here, your ticket will be scanned. You no longer need to wait in line.

Can I go on the aqua park one more time?

Is it a normal summer day, after the previous aquapark turn you can just get another entry ticket at the kiosk.

If it is a tropically warm day, we want to give as many visitors as possible the chance to go on the aqua park. However, we take everyone's safety into account and it may be the case that the time slots are all occupied on a busy day.


Just like a lot of other fun things at Fun Beach, the Mega Aquapark and Junior Aquapark do not require extra payment, they are included in the entrance fee.

Now that's fun!

Made possible in part by the Province of Limburg