THE PERFECT DAY OUT in limburg AT FUN BEACH the beach

Enjoy a lovely day out on the beach in a beautiful and adventurous environment.
Fun Beach The Beach offers you the best activities for young and adults alike Fun guaranteed!
Below you will find a list of all the activities we offer in our park. 
All these activities are included in our entree price and you can enjoy them as much as you want.

Keep up the Fun


Fun Beach Aquapark

Fun Beach The Beach most impressive attraction is the Mega AquaparkThis is the biggest Aquapark in the Netherland. A 2.000 m2 big island in the water consisting of several floating, playground objects. A treat for the eyes and a dream come true for everyone who likes to climb, slide and jump!


Climb, slide, jump and splash to your hearts content.  Little Beach, a specially designed part of Fun Beach for children up to 8 years old, is a true play paradise. Little Beach is the non-smoking section of the day beach with lots of new attractions! Young visitors can indulge themselves in a variety of fun activities. Discover and have fun!


At Fun Beach you can also rent all kinds of things to make your day even more fun. At Fun Harbor you can rent canoes, paddle boats and pedal boats for a limited time.
You can rent umbrellas and sunbeds at one of our entrance points.



A Great round of football. Create two teams and choose a side! Who will score the most goals?


Smash, dive en jump! A splashing match of water volley!


Beach volley


Challenge your friends to a game of beach volley on the beach and show your most impressive skills in the sand.


With your bare feet you stand on the trampoline. You start carefully, but after a few small jumps you quickly get the hang of it. You make higher and higher jumps. Have fun on the CURVE-ONE: the latest revolution in trampolines! Thanks to the tilting jumping mat, the trampoline can be placed at an angle or just flat. In short, a super trampoline for lots of jumping fun! Suitable for children  6 years and older.


A giant picnic table with room for 60 people where you can sit and enjoy a nice meal. You've never seen anything like this before! This huge table is also perfect for a group picture, otherwise nobody at home will ever believe you! And as an extra bonus: even the kids can enjoy climbing all over this Giant Picknick Table.


On warm summer days, this spectacular giant fountain is THE eye-catcher in the middle of the Limburgs Maas area. With its spray range of 120 meters, it's also one of the highest fountains in Europe!


Imagine this: skating or ice hockeying at twenty degrees above zero. You have never experienced anything like this! Summer Skating and Summer Ice Hockey on Fun Beach make it possible. On specially developed skates you slide in no time like a true skating champion on the synthetic track. Experience the ultimate skating experience in the middle of summer!

Summer Skating is included in the admission price and is open every day from 12:00 to 17:00.

Silent Disco

An extra cool experience is the silent disco. With wireless headphones, you can swing across the skating rink to the music of the DJ. By choosing blue, green or red headphones, you can determine the music style of your choice.

The silent disco takes place regularly. For the exact dates, keep an eye on this website and the Facebook-page of Fun Beach!



Due to the Corona crisis, production of the SuperSlide has been postponed indefinitely.

Fun Beach's newest water attraction is the Super Slide: a spectacular giant slide with five water jump jumps that you can slide down from with a thrilling speed. A top-notch experience in which the tension is gradually increased. First you will see an instruction on a screen how to go down the slide. For extra protection of body and limbs, wear a helmet and a body protector. At the top there is no turning back and you can choose from the following slides.

Increasing in speed and severity, these are:
"Easy peasy" (for the absolute beginner)
"Easy" (for the quiet slider)
"So-so" (for those looking for more excitement)
"Hard" (for the daredevils)
"Die-hard" (for the real adrenaline freaks)

A ticket for the Super Slide costs 5 euros. For half an hour you can experience great sliding fun in groups of up to 30 people. Visitors must be at least 1.20 meters tall for this attraction.


After all the splashing, climbing, sliding and sports on Fun Beach The Beach, it's time to enjoy a well-deserved break from all the activities. In the shades of our relax area, there are several hammocks. You'll almost think you're on a tropical island! A chill place to hang out! away from all hectic.